A powerful, professional and easy to use word processor with advanced features


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Advanced features, additional command buttons, tile docs, custom ruler.
Hard to setup help file, help insufficient, updates cumbersome.

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WordGraph is physically one of the larger programs. The installation is fast though. I tried following one of their download links which took me to Soft82.com. This site tried to install a download program so I canceled it and tried the Mirror 1 link. This took me to Majorgeeks.com and installed painlessly.

Unfortunately WordGraph does not setup a desktop icon by default, so I had to dig the program out of the Windows programs menu. When the program opened I was surprised by the GUI layout. There are toolbars of quick buttons, but they are more colorful and smoother than most traditional older styles. The program opened in Outline layout view using a point ruler instead of a U.S. standard ruler. Also the ruler is on both sides of the document instead of the left side only. When I tried to get help on the ruler I encountered another challenge, a message that said "The Help for this program was created in Windows Help format, which depends on a feature that isn't included in this version of Windows. However, you can download a program that will allow you to view Help created in the Windows Help format." The missing file is WinHlp32.exe. So I went to the Microsoft website using the provided link, followed the instructions and installed the update. The help file now works, unfortunately there is no help regarding the ruler or many other functions.

The experience does get better. WordGraph is intended for more advanced users than many of the other WPs. This program is actually from an Office Suite so you will find many of the same features. A cool feature I appreciated are the buttons for things like superscript/subscript, special characters, date & time and highlighting. I was always bothered having to dig for those features in other WPs. Being able to tile multiple documents horizontally or vertically is a nice feature. Although the margins are shown in millimeters, when you move the mouse over one of the margin settings it shows the U.S. equivalent of inches. For security WordGraph has the ability to scramble the text and lock the document. The software company touts word art and math equations but I didn't find anything outstanding in either of these features. Use of the Math Equations/Expressions requires installing their Spreadsheet program Accel. Another feature missing from the troublesome help file. There is an upgrade available for later download, however this requires downloading a zip file, unzip the file in a directory then copy the files into the original SSuite Office directory and paste to overwrite the existing files. The process seems a bit cumbersome to me.

What makes this program unique is the appearance and layout. Many functional toolbar button choices often not found in WP programs.

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