Word Winder


Word Winder

A new twist on word games provides entertainment with 20 free puzzles in various game modes.


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License: Free (In-App purchases)
Categories: Games, Word Games

Pros & Cons:

Intuitive game-play; a new perspective in word puzzle games; game center integration; same device multiplayer; 4 game modes; no pop-up ads.
Only 5 puzzles per game mode.

Our Review:

Word Winder provides a new twist on word games that will have no trouble in providing entertainment to those who enjoy word games, but unless you're willing to purchase extra puzzles in-game, you may get a few hours at most. It must be mentioned though that this has been released quite recently, so maybe more puzzles will be available in future updates.

For now, there are only 5 puzzles per game mode. Out of the 9 possible game types, 4 are available without in-game purchase. Each game mode gives a board of letters to create words. Words must be created by selecting a letter and then touching letters which touch the previous letter.

The first mode is called Finder. In the game, a game board of 36 letters is provided that you must use to spell the answers to the clues which you are given to solve. A time limit will affect your score bonus.

Another game mode is called Frenzy. In this one, you are once again given a game board of 36 letters, but this time, you must find the 3 letter words, 4 letter words, and 5 letter words, etc. You are timed in this mode as well.

The third game option is called Challenge. The object here is to make 2 lines of letters that touch from the 16x16 board's left side to the right side, and the board's top side to bottom side in as few moves as possible, preferably beating David L. Hoyt's score!

The fourth game mode is called Finder Roundup. This final game mode plays much the same as the original Frenzy mode mentioned earlier. The only difference here is that the words are formed the same as a word search: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Word Winder was reviewed by on based on version 1.18.