A Word About Opera's Upcoming Free VPN

You may have read recently that the latest version of the Opera web browser now includes a free VPN.  This means that, with a click of a button, you can change the IP address which web sites use to identify you.  
Changing your IP address has 2 main benefits.  Firstly, it means that a remote site can't determine who you are.  This helps improve your online privacy.  Secondly, you can request that the new IP address which gets assigned to you is registered in a country other than your own.  This allows you to fool web sites into thinking that you are based elsewhere.  This means that, for example, if you're in the UK but you want to access a site that only allows connections from the USA, changing your IP address to a USA-registered one will bypass the restriction.
Because Opera's free VPN is built into the browser, it's very easy to use.  Just enable it with a single click in the Settings section, then turn it on and off as required via a button on the main screen.  However, remember that it only works for sites that you access via the Opera browser.  Information that your PC accesses from outside the browser will still divulge your real IP address.
Despite what some news sites would have you believe, the new release of Opera which includes the free VPN is not yet released.  You can get it, but it means downloading the Developer Preview edition.  You'll find that at http://www.opera.com/developer and it's a relatively small download for the installer (which will then continue to download and install additional files).
I've been trying out the Developer Preview on my PC, under Windows 10, and although I could enable the VPN, the browser then repeatedly crashed.  This was on a brand new install of Windows 10 on one of my test computers.  Therefore, you may wish to wait a few weeks, until the program is officially released, rather than trying the Developer Preview right now.  


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You can get the surfeasy vpn as an extension on the regular Opera now, but it only gives 500MB a month, for free.

I tried this and all except one ip address/location site correctly identified me and weren't fooled by the "VPN" for one moment. Also the browser has been designed for fat fingers on a mobile device with large fonts and a huge amount of white space. This is fine for a phone but it's hardly anything I would want to use on a pc at work.

I didn't see any "VPN" letters to the extreme left of the address box.

I've been running it on a win7 machine for a couple of weeks now with no problems at all (in fact it's so good I am seriously considering making Opera my default browser). It was interesting that when I tried to access the Pirate Bay via Chrome it gave me a dns fault and Opera did exactly the same until I enabled the VPN when it loaded quite happily. It's amazing how many sites are blocked to UK users!

The free VPN is only available on Developer version 38 of Opera. It is not quite a VPN but a proxy that only protect your browsing not other apps.
I tried it out and discovered that after working initially, it left me out to dry while streaming online watching the Star Trek Enterprise series.
It reverted without warning to my IP addresses, and despite giving the green light (it is actually blue) on the browser bar.

I must be blind because I don't see the VPN button. Where is it?

Extreme left of the address box - it's usually greyed out if it's not being used. Just click on the "VPN" letters and it will offer you a choice of 3, USA, Canada or Germany.