Wonderful Browser Addon Lets You Search Text Of All Visited Pages


The built-in history feature built into all web browsers can be very useful.  If you need to revisit a page that you looked at yesterday, or a month ago, just search through the history listing and you'll probably find the correct URL listed there.

However, the browser history would be much more useful if it stored not just the URL of the pages you visit, but also the text that was on the page too.  And if it let you search that text, to find precisely the item you remembered reading without having to know the site that it was on.

If such a feature sounds like something you'd appreciate, and if you use the Chrome browser, then your luck is in.  A free extension called All Seeing Eye gives you precisely that functionality.  Just head to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/all-seeing-eye/kiopjipnmfcpdam... within Chrome to download it.  Once done, go to the standard history page (press Ctrl-H from within your browser) and the old list of URLs will be replaced by a search box and a set of screen shots.  Yup, All Seeing Eye even takes a shot of each page you view, to help jog your memory.

For those pages you'd rather not store, such as those containing passwords and confidential data, the Options tab lets you specify any exclusions that you want.

It's rare that I install browser extensions, and even rarer that I keep them installed for more than a day or 2.  But this one looks incredibly useful, and is staying. 



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Similar addon in FireFox is "ScrapBook". It is manual save and so do not need the delete option most are wanting in Chrome Eye.
You can delete a save site of "ScrapBook".

Well our need may vary.



Not quite.

You almost make me want to set up Google Chrome!
But wait! No, i can't, Firefox is still the best (even with Australis).

Would give 5 stars if they had similar addon for Firefox.
The only "All Seeing Eye" addon i could find for Firefox was a Persona theme.