Windows Utility Alt-Tabs Through Your Apps Automatically


Ever wanted an easy way to keep an eye on a number of programs that are running on your PC? Or have you ever wanted to set up a rolling demo to show friends, family, colleagues or clients a selection of programs that are running?

OK, so it's not the sort of thing that every PC user needs to do, all the time. But occasionally, such a facility can be useful.  Especially if you want to monitor those programs in full-screen mode rather than as minimised windows.

You could, of course, just sit at your computer and press the Alt-Tab key every few seconds to cycle through the windows.  Or you could use a simple free utility called AutoTab that does it for you.  It's a tiny download, it's free, it runs under Windows XP and above, and VirusTotal claims it's free of malware.  You'll find it at

When you run this utility, an icon will appear in the notification area. If the icon is red, it's disabled; to start it up, double-click the icon for it to turn green.

There are other useful purposes for such a program, too.  If you're keeping an eye on a handful of different web sites, for example, to check for incoming mail and news, just set up separate browser windows, set AutoTab running, and relax.


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