Windows 7 Calculator


Windows 7 Calculator

The best all-around multipurpose calculator that works in Windows 10 as well


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Multiple calculation formats and worksheets, help file, comes with Windows 7
Fixed window size, made for Windows and not available in other platforms.

Our Review:

I rate the Windows 7 calculator as the best all-around multipurpose calculator. The calculator includes a tape called history that can be edited or copied to the clipboard.

Various modes include standard, scientific, programmer and statistics. It also offers unit conversion, date calculation and various worksheets for calculating things like fuel economy and mortgages.

In Windows 10, it also has preinstalled with a Windows Calculator which is a Windows Store app providing the various modes of calculations as well but missing some features, such as copy all values, in this desktop program designed for Windows 7.

If you like the Windows 7 calculator, download and unzip to a folder, then run calc.exe, which can function as a standalone portable application and it works perfectly as well in Windows 10 as I've tested.

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