WinBoard has a Chinese Chess interface and runs almost any UCCI engines


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Various engines included, support UCCI engines, play against a chess engine or match two engines with auto-save match results, set conventional clock or incremental clock, open and save games in pgn format, etc.
Setting up Internet Chess Server for Xiangqi not as easy as HOXChess, encountered some bugs such as a blank window for setting some engines with the program.

Our Review:

After you've reached the Grand Master level, or otherwise you just want to hone your skills further, then WinBoard gives you a good chance to try out even stronger engines.

The program runs almost any UCCI engines, including Xiangqi UCI and UCCI engines. You can get some powerful engines here. Some of them were tested to be stronger than the pre-installed engines MaxQi, HaQiKi D and ElephantEye.

Besides playing against a chess engine, you can also use the program to match two engines with auto saving of match results. Instead of adjusting difficulty levels, WinBoard lets you set conventional chess clock or incremental clock to limit number of moves and amount of time for the game. Forward, backward and retract moves are supported. Other notable features include save and open games in pgn format, copy or paste game from clipboard, etc.

On the flip side, I found setting up Internet Chess Server for Xiangqi with the program was not as easy as that with HOXChess, while setting of some engines popped up an empty window when tested.

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