WinAmp is an app that is currently in limbo, but still a good choice for a music player, if not just for the SHOUTcast internet radio feature.


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Limited features)
Website: WinAmp home page

Pros & Cons:

Simple, clean interface; "queue" feature (like Windows Media Player Now Playing list); sync WinAmp on Android with WinAmp on dekstop; SHOUTcast (internet radio) feature; intuitive now playing interface; good headset controls; lockscreen player
Difficulties adding songs to playlists; Can't add multiple songs to a Playlist at once; large 30MB memory footprint while playing music in the background


WinAmp is a music player that has been well-known in the desktop world for what seems like an eternity, and for quite a while they had a (supported) version for Android. They've now dropped the official support for Android, which is a shame, to be quite honest. However, it is still obtainable as an APK. It is a good, simple, albeit somewhat basic music player in its free incarnation - however, it has SHOUTcast, a massive online Internet service, which is really well done, and which almost makes it worth a download for that alone.

Our Review:

WinAmp doesn't offer as much as RocketPlayer, our top choice, in most aspects, but it still has a good amount of functionality, and is also very easy to use. It has recently changed ownership several times, and is currently not available on Google Play. It can still be unofficially downloaded as an apk from the facebook site of a group of Winamp enthusiasts. On the official WinAmp site, it says "There's more coming soon", but c'mon, WinAmp, that has been there for at least three years. It looks like we'll be dealing with this old APK for good if we want to use WinAmp on Android.

The artists, songs, albums, and genres sections work as expected. Scrolling gets a little laggy on older devices in the albums section where there's a lot of album art. Playlist management isn't the best, it's easier to add songs to the "queue", basically the now playing list, and save that as a playlist. There are also a couple of auto-playlists: recently added, recently played, and top played.

You can also sync Winamp on Android with the desktop version of WinAmp.

SHOUTcast is a great feature in WinAmp - it's an online radio, with over 47 000 stations available (a believeable number if you check it out). You also have access to Spinner mp3 downloads and the "Full CD Listening Party" music streaming service.

The equalizer and lyrics are not available in the free version. There's artist and album information, but it isn't well done.

When you play music in the background, it needs 30MB of RAM, but it doesn't run in the background when it's not needed. Just make sure you use the "exit" option in the menu when you don't want it running in the background anymore.

This app also doesn't use any advertising, either.

Overall, WinAmp also has a good set of features. Even if you have another music player you still prefer, it's still worth downloading WinAmp for the SHOUTcast feature.

WinAmp was reviewed by on based on version 1.4.15.