WildBit Viewer


WildBit Viewer

A competent image viewer with a full array of editing tools and a super powerful search function.


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License: Free (Private/Educational use)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Digital Image Viewer

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Very manageable, excellent editor, geotagging capabilities, full Unicode support.
Slower than the competition in some cases.

Our Review:

I can recommend another program, after most of my initial objections were overcome by the evidence and the author, who also showed a very positive response to my feedback. This special mention goes to WildBit Viewer, an outstanding application that can rival the ones reviewed in this category in many aspects. The program is highly manageable and functional enough to earn the respect of many users.

Apart from the common features found in the other products mentioned so far, it offers aspect ratio information, small-increment wheel zooming, a very intuitive image editor with a full array of editing tools, a superpowerful search function that can track any metadata or EXIF information, an excellent geotagging tool to embed geographical co-ordinates in the files, and the most comprehensive help you can imagine.

There's also a function for side-by-side image comparison with difference calculations, and a highly customizable slideshow mode that can be operated from external Android devices over Wi-Fi connections with its remote feature.

It supports over 70 formats (including some videos, from which frames can be extracted in multipage view) and runs on Windows XP through W10. From version 6 on, it includes full Unicode support.

WildBit Viewer is a very competent alternative.

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Hi marcdarkin,

Read your review and tried WildBit Viewer but was overwhelmed by the options available. This is good but I am a beginner.

Did some searching for a User Guide or Manual but found nothing.

Is there something to help beginners?