A collaborative family tree site with several levels of privacy.


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Pros & Cons:

Several levels of privacy, gender neutral marriages and parents allowed, duplicate search and merging.
Lack source citations, no provision for adoptive or foster parents, no place list, cannot delete three or individual.

Our Review:

WikiTree is a collaborative family tree site. I like that there are several levels of privacy which can be set individually for each person in your tree. Gender neutral marriages and parents are allowed.

The application provides Ancestor Pedigree Chart, Ahnentafel Ancestor List, Family Group View, Descendant List, Wikid Shareable Tree, Family Tree Widgets, and Location Map reports.

There is a duplicate search feature and manual merging of duplicate people.

However, there is no source citations for Name, Birth, Marriage, and Death Events, and no provision for adoptive or foster parents.

Events other than name, birth, marriage, and death and Sources and Repositories must be entered in Wiki format. No place list.

Despite the Wiki reference in the name, this site doesn't have the same look and feel of Wikipedia like WeRelate does. You cannot delete either tree or individual.

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