Wikipedia, But With A Modern Interface


As one of the top 5 most visited web sites in the world, it's hard to deny that Wikipedia has earned a place in most internet users' hearts.  But while the content of the site may be incredibly useful, it's also fair to say that the interface looks a little dated.  It's not been updated in more than a decade, and it shows.

Which is why an intriguing new web site and browser add-in caught my eye recently.

Wikiwand ( is a web site which skins the standard Wikipedia content with a much more modern and professional look and feel.  Instead of browsing the online encyclopaedia via the normal address, use instead.  You get the same content, but with a much better presentation (as you can see from the screen shot below).

There's also a free browser add-in which, the makers claim, allow pages to load around 3 times faster.  But even without the add-in, Wikiwand certainly does do a great job of bringing an internet institution up to date.  And because of all Wikipedia's content is freely licenced, there are no legal issues over copyright.  



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Wikipedia have their appeals on a banner on top

Thanks for this. The Contents implementation on WikiWand is FAR superior to that of Wikipedia.


Firstly, thank you for this find which will be of use to many people I am sure.

I also think many people (including myself) will prefer the regular style without all the eye candy stuff.

But then again I kicked up a stink when the free fastmail service got taken over by Opera and they tried to 'modernise' the look and feel.

We won. They reverted back to having a 'classic' interface option.


An old bloke who thinks if it aint broke then don't fix it :-)

"I didn't see where you could sign in and edit the content, which is what the 'wiki' part of Wikipedia is all about." -Gil Mensch

No sign in that I can find, too. And a Wikipedia account not only allows editing, but the creation of watchlists and the use of gadgets (navigation, tooltips, etc.) - and that's just the tip of the iceberg of the wiki features available with an account.

IMHO, that skin adds new levels of annoyances to HTML. Cheers.

I agree with crosseyedlemon

The format of both Wikipedia and Techsupportalert are established, and they are effective

Nothing worse than change for change sake, including reducing the amount of information on a web page

Increasing font size is unnecessary for the majority of users - simply press the "CTRL" key while using the middle wheel of the mouse. I hope most TechSupportUsers know this basic function

I am not so sure that they are effective for most users. If you look up a Wikipedia entry, what you will see is on the left-hand side a column that is for almost all users useless. On the top, you may see an advert and several entries for editing which few people do. I find that this style sheet works for me

Ads? I see no ads at all. I don't have any ad blocker in my browser... maybe it's because I use Opera 12.x, maybe not. Perhaps ads don't travel to this part of the planet... ; )


If you see ANY ads in your web browser then your browser is not set up safely in the first place or maybe even you use the wrong browser to begin with. But that may be besides the point.

Wikipedia and techsupportalert have worked for me as they are. I will give the add-on a try to see if it really adds informational value and/or enhances ease of use. But that will take time to tell...

The wikipedia has ads. There are many style sheets, one might work for you. On my notepad, I use this style sheet

This is just my opinion, but I prefer the Wikipedia format over Wikiwand's. In comparing the respective pages for Sergey Brin, I notice immediately that the Wikiwand font is much bigger and the main text column is narrower, meaning that you get less information per screen and you will have to scroll more in Wikiwand. The top of the Wikiwand page is a really large photo of Brin. You have to scroll almost immediately to get any information at all. The speed difference for me isn't a factor (a 2 second load time vs 4, approximately). I contribute to Wikipedia occasionally, usually just small edits, but sometimes more. I didn't install the browser plug-in, but in accessing the site directly, I didn't see where you could sign in and edit the content, which is what the "wiki" part of Wikipedia is all about. For me, that's a non-starter.

Thanks for bringing this site to our attention. I won't use it, but I'm sure some people will really like it.

You're lucky. I brought up Eric Clapton on Wikipedia... page loaded in under 1 second. Tried it on Wikiwand... bloody hell... in excess of 10 seconds.

Pain to scroll down as well.

Aesthetically better? Debatable.

User friendly? Uh uh!

I'll stay with the old tried and true original.

Somehow I doubt the Gizmo page would score many style points as it appears to be even more dated than Wikipedia. Both sites are favorites of mine because of the incredibly useful content and the esthetics are less important.

Good recommendation Bernardz. By using the browse feature at Userstyles you can find new skins for Google, Facebook, Youtube and many other websites plus a section for tweaking Mozilla Firefox browser components. You will need Stylish to implement the changes but that is available as a Firefox add-on.