Who's Been Using All My Internet Bandwidth?


It's often useful or informative to be able to find out how much internet bandwidth your computer has been using.  Perhaps because you need to keep within the limits set by your ISP, or because you're using someone else's wifi network and you promised you wouldn't overstay your welcome.  Or perhaps you want to use it to provide an insight into what exactly the rest of your family get up to when they're supposed to be working on a business spreadsheet or a homework essay.

Networx is a useful utility for Windows which tracks your network usage.  You can monitor any network connection available on your PC, including wired, wifi and cellular.  And you can track by user too.  Plus, you can view all the data in a series of pretty graphs and tables, or export it to Excel for later analysis.

Networx is free (strictly donationware), and available in both 32- and 64-bit versions.  It's also available as a portable program, for easy installation (there isn't any) and removal.  The download is at https://www.softperfect.com/products/networx/ and the program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.



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Glasswire has an excellent usage monitor. https://www.glasswire.com/features/#Bandwidth_Usage_Monitor It does a lot more, but if you are only interested in usage reports, you can disable the other features. The only issue I found was the heavy logging that defaults to your system drive - If you have a SSD for your system drive you might choose to move the logs/database files to a standard hard drive to prolong the life your your SSD. https://forum.glasswire.com/t/database-location/225


A problem with NetWorx.

A scan with VT did NOT come out clean. Unfortunately, I do not know how to attach the complete report, but here is the result.

The scan heading:

SHA256: 166b420c0121ad8615712744eef918e77880e9f4c9c91267715d50bb5a53291f
File name: networx_setup.exe
Detection ratio: 1 / 57
Analysis date: 2015-03-15 12:49:00 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )

The offender:

a variant of Win32/NetFilter.A potentially unsafe 20150315

This scan is for the 32 bit install version. The portable version did come out clean.

Any idea what went wrong?

Regards, DM


Looks like SoftPerfect has several very interesting free products, also. WiFi Guard and Bandwidth Manager, etc.

NetWorx is the current Editor's Choice in Best Free Download-Upload Meter. Apart from metering, the most useful feature is the NetStat showing what software is using network connections and what they are connecting to. It has the option to resolve IP addresses to host names so you can see which websites are being connected to.

I have been using NetWorx for almost 3 years - it's an excellent program. I have the graph permanently showing and see the download/upload speeds and totals. Thank you SoftPerfect Research.