When Fonts Meet Buildings


Online word processorIf you spend long enough poring over Google Streetview images, you'll come across lots of buildings which resemble letters of the alphabet when viewed from above in satellite view. And that's what some enterprising web developers have done. The end result is an online word processor in which the typeface is composed of images of buildings that resemble the letters you type. So you can produce any word or phrase you choose, comprised solely of aerial images. You can even choose the particular city or country that you'd like those buildings to be in.

No. I don't know why they did it either. But the end results are impressive and a harmless bit of fun. The image here shows the name of your favourite freeware site rendered in buildings in the Sydney, Australia area. Because why not?

You can try it for yourself at http://type.aerial-bold.com/tw/ using nothing more than a web browser.

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Cool typewriter?
HOW DOES ONE USE THIS NOW! i cannot find any "instructions' as how to SAVE and/or download any creation made on the "typewriter", if it is possible. I would like to be able to create and share a message with others somehow.
Do I need "Twitter"? There is a vaguely explained note on the Typewriter page to a "save link" page to use some credits / [/Document-ID] etc..
What is this and where do you get it?

Hahahahaha... very cool! :-D

Tks, rob! :-)

Another way of Freudian mistake for architects

OK....I give up....which one is the Vegemite factory?