What's New In Windows Anniversary Edition


Windows 10 Anniversary EditionIf you use Windows 10 you'll probably be aware that the days of having to buy or install new upgraded versions of your operating system every couple of years are finally over. There will be no Windows 11. Version 10 will eventually be known simply as Windows, and it'll keep updating itself automatically to bring you new features as well as bug fixes and security patches.

To mark the first anniversary (ish) of Windows 10's release, the latest update (known as build number 1607) includes a heap of new features. This is especially true for Cortana and the Edge browser.

If you want to find out more about what's new in build 1607, and how to ensure you've got it, head to http://www.howtogeek.com/248177/whats-new-in-windows-10s-anniversary-upd... for a good explanation.

If you don't yet have build 1607, just wait. As long as you haven't disabled automatic updates, it should come to your computer shortly.

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Thanks Rob, that's a good article.

I've had AU for about 4 weeks now, without much time to play with it. Which is good news--Win10 has kept plugging away just fine, with a couple of further updates in the meantime.

WIn10 is a nice OS, and I like the way MS has adopted a policy of continuous improvement in between major updates. It seems to be going well for the large majority of users.

My only disappointment is the multiple desktops--I was using a better MD app in the 90s than the Win10 implementation. Anyone know how the indie MD apps play with Win10 AU?

By almost all accounts, the Anniversary Update is a trainwreck best delayed as long as possible.

A newsworthy story will be a report that it is finally ready for primetime.

Interesting that folks will read, carefully follow the links, go to the trouble of logging on, then write a lengthy comment on why they would never use whatever is being described. Why bother? Just find the proper way to do things your way, and go for it. I've used 10 for about a year now (running under Classic Shell) and like it just fine. Any apps I don't like or can't use, I either delete, disable, or ignore. But that's just me.

The rob.schifreen's of the world have already earned their heavenly crowns for plugging ahead with the research and reportage, despite the slings and arrows of the rest of us. Carry On!

If I were sent to Mars, and was told it was a one way trip due to lack of fuel for the return flight, and was told that once launched, there is not the possibility of turning around mid flight, but was advised that I could change the direction slightly to say escape the solar system, etc.
And if I fired up the computer they gave me in (in mid flight), AND if I then discovered that I had to use the W10 Start Menu for the rest of my life, I would do the course change, to plummet into the Sun.

I don't like the computer making decisions when it wishes to do things (EG Updates). I wish to be able to prevent it doing them until I request it. I am Scottish, but I would even be prepared to pay for a Tool that allows me full control.
I would pay even more for a Tool that allows me full control over everything. I am a control freak, and W10 is the exact opposite.
I got rid of Windows Defender, as it was scanning in the background without my permission.
For those that discovered how to switch off ALL of the options during custom Install, the Anniversary Update turns them all back on again. You can once again turn them off, but you will be banned from using Cortana, unless you turn them on again.

Victoria (Australia) is known as the Nanny state, and now we have a Nanny operating system,
Rob Down Under
PS I know about Classic Shell, but unfortunately NASA did not.

I checked the page you linked; i saw two minor tweaks that might be useful to me - neither of which involve Edge or Cortana (which i WILL disable as soon as i find the right hacks).

The rest? Useless and not applicable at all.

As i first said about W8 - Windows 10 is ugly and its mama dresses it funny.

One can cure a lot of that (though not all) with Classic Shell forcing it to work in a rational manner.