What's That Font? This Site Will Tell You.



Have you ever looked at some printed text, or a company logo, and wished you could find out what font was being used?  If so, one of the best resources on the internet for identifying fonts and typefaces is IdentiFont (www.identifont.com).  
Just answer a handful of questions about the appearance of certain characters, and the site will tell you the name of the font.  You can then buy it online (there's a handy link from the results page!), or search the numerous web-based collections of free fonts (such as the one mentioned at http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/104-great-free-fonts.htm).
If your sample of the unknown font is merely a company logo or other short phrase, rather than a full printed page, IdentiFont copes with that too.  You can tell it which characters you have, and it'll make sure not to ask you questions about the appearance of any others.  





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