A wiki site similar to Wikipedia with the focus on family research.


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Search and view entries, check duplicate people, impressive source support, can delete tree, upload and download GEDCOM files, support same sex marriages, adoptive or foster parents.
Supported by ads, no reports but screen prints.

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WeRelate is a wiki site similar to Wikipedia with the focus on family research. Like Wikipedia, anyone can search and view the entries, e.g. do not post anything you wouldn't want public. Also like Wikipedia, anyone with an account can make corrections or edits. Any disputes are resolved by the site moderators. People, places, sources, families, etc. are created as wiki articles.

Duplicate people are checked for when adding. Also you can search for and merge duplicates.

WeRelate sets the standard for name searches. They sponsor the Variant names project which is a huge improvement on Soundex searches. Know of a variation on a name--then add it to the moderated list. Search for people by date, place, parents, and keywords.

The application has impressive source support. Attaching photographs and documents is easily done. The master place list has many places displaying their corresponding Wikipedia articles. The application prompts for the location once a few characters have been typed. There is a process to merge duplicate sources and places but it would be more convenient if we could do it directly.

The pedigree map (oddly hidden under the "more" drop down of the upper left hand menu) starts as a bow-tie report with dependents on the left and ancestors on the right. One can select which groups of individuals to include to make it more like just a pedigree or descendant chart. The birth, death, and combined locations maps are nicely done. They also provide a timeline view, thumbnail, and details view for everyone in the pedigree view, with note formatting, strong image and document support.

You can delete trees, except for articles already edited by others. Living individuals must be removed from any GEDCOM upload. There is an Edit log for every revision and any registered user can revert back to a previous submission. You can get an email notification for any revision to any article including your own submissions.

You can upload and download GEDCOM files. The uploads are limited to 5,000 people but you can upload several files. The limit is helpful as there is a cleanup process before the files are forwarded to a moderator for approval, e.g. living people, children older than their parents, children born after mother's death, etc. are all rejected. Much simpler to make the correction in the source program and re-upload to verify that the errors are indeed gone.

It supports same sex, polygamous and incestuous marriages, and supports adoptive or foster parents. No nags.

On the downside, the site is supported by prominent ads which appear on the right side. No reports but screen prints can be made of the pedigree map mentioned above.

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