Website of the Week: The Story of the Web


This site takes a look at the defining moments in the history of the World Wide web. If you're curious about how the internet got started you'll find that and more at Story of the Web. 

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From the site: "The World Wide Web has gone from “never heard of it” to “can’t live without it” in 25 years. It took off because of its instant user appeal, but also because it’s open and free. From HTML to hacktivism, the W3C to MP3s, lolcats to LulzSec, from one website to over 180 million, here are its defining moments."
You can view the site using auto-play to see the slide show, scroll down to view at your leisure, or download a PDF of the site.

The Story of the Web

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I got to the site but couldn't find any link to open it?

The site takes a little while to load. Here's the URL: Story of the Web

Did y'all notice that absolutely NO MENTION of Al Gore's involvement in "creating" the Internet? Hmmmm...

Thanks rhiannon. Yesterday a user on another forum asked for books on the history of the internet. I'm going to pass on the link provided by you.

@EldonW: You're welcome. The site isn't an extensive history, though I think it does a great job of highlighting important points.