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Random Facts "is an endless stream of amazing facts presented as colorful and animated slides."

I like this site for a few reasons. All the facts are presented as a slideshow with large text and images - easy to read with some humor added here and there.
You can click the next arrow or browse some of the 75+ categories, including countries, well known people, animals, mobile phones, food, inventors and so forth. There's an option to turn the slideshow on and off, and pick how long you want to see each fact. Times range from 3 seconds to 5 minutes.
Best of all, all facts are sourced, with the link at the bottom left of each page. Where applicable there's a link to an illustration.
The slideshow takes you through facts in various categories - if you're not looking for something specific the slideshow is great entertainment. 

FACTSlides Random Facts

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OK, after a bit of exploring, I found that in Firefox I had to turn off AdBlock on the page to see the Source link, and I had to set the animation timer (in the upper right-hand corner) to 3 seconds before any animation would take place.

@Frank D Thanks for the update, I'm sure others can use the tip. :)

1. Using Firefox the page was so badly formatted I couldn't read it.
2. Using Internet Explorer, there was no animation.
3. The facts were in random order and most were not of interest to me. It would have been better, IMO, to present them as a list of links, and I could choose the ones I wanted to know. Otherwise, it's a grab-bag.

I had no trouble with the four browsers I used to check the site so I'm not sure what's up with that. As for lists of facts, if you scroll down the main page a bit there are 75+ categories you can choose from. There isn't a way to search within the categories as far as I can tell.

I am such a klutz. I apologize.
Turned Adblock Plus off and voila, there were the source links.
And THEN came the surprise: Ghostery blocks redirections to some site in Japan - and for good reasons imho at least.

Thank you. I'll try again. :-)

Some browser extensions and/or security program settings can interfere with the operation of this site. MC - Site Manager.
I didn't have any trouble with Firefox using Ghostery, but there have been times its blocked something I wanted to see. AdBlock will do the same thing though I haven't used it for a while. :) There may be others but those are the two I know of.

Very nice find, thank you.

I have a problem though: "Best of all, all facts are sourced, with the link at the bottom left of each page" does not show on my system. (Win7, FF32.0.1).
But it's informative to amusing anyway.
Thanks again

Nice site, well worth checking the accuracy of the facts though.

There is a "source" button on the lower left - of course you then have to check that source :))