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Website Shortcut

A handy tool to make website shortcuts on the homepage.


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Get It: Android
License: Free
Categories: Internet Tools

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Simple and easy to use, auto detection and editable labels and icons.
No icon samples or library provided.

Our Review:

Website Shortcut is a convenient tool to add a webpage shortcut on your homepage for ease of accessing websites directly. It proves to be faster than going through the bookmarks in a browser.

Upon running the app, you can easily type in or paste a website address, then press "Create Shortcut" to add a shortcut to the homepage. Simple as that.

The shortcut generated by the app is complete with a label and an icon. Both of which are automatically retrieved by the app from a website address or URL you provided.

As an alternative, you can also enter your own label and icon for a shortcut with this app, which is a better way than a browser which allows you to add a shortcut without your choice of icons. You will find the option in this app useful if you need to keep icons distinguishable to go to different pages of a website.

That said, this handy tool could have been better if it has a collection of icons to choose from within the app, rather than getting yours.

Similar to other apps, keep in mind that the shortcut icons added will automatically carry a small badge of this app, which is attributable to the launcher in the Android system.

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