Website Not Available In Your Country? No Problem!


Ever wanted to access a web site or Youtube video, only to be told that the particular resource you want is "not available in your country"?  This is normally done for copyright or licencing reasons, and can be frustrating.

So here's how to get around it.  Head to and download the Hola Unblocker.  It's available for multiple platforms, including as an add-in for Chrome and Firefox.  Then, when you want to access a blocked site, enable the unblocker and tell it which country you'd like your internet connection to appear to be coming from.  It's as simple as that!

In the example below, you'll see that I was unable to access Pandora because it's not available from the UK (which is where I'm based).  But once Hola redirected my internet traffic via their US proxy, Pandora happily let me use their site.




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I live in the Caribbean. Pandora and some other sites are blocked from broadcasting here. Unfortunately, this Hola thing doesn't do anything for me and ANY of the blocked sites I would like to look at or listen to whenever am in the US.

What a shame!

Useless to me. Doesn't unblock ANY of the UK tv sites. Not BBC iplayer, nor C4 etc. It seems only to unblock US sites.

If you're a Firefox user you might like to check out the "Mediahint" extension, it works well for me in East Europe for BBC and C4.

Oddly it doesn't fool C4 on Youtube, or the C5 site, but other than that it's very good. It's enabled by default though - I like to keep it disabled unless I'm actually using it.

Alternatively Expat Shield seems to work for all sites but I find it quite buggy and unstable.

What are the security implications for using proxy servers?

I would like to pay for digital goods via Paypal as the Americans seem to get much cheaper deals in some cases, yet I can't help but be concerned about "sharing" my data with a third party.


If you search the Add-on library for Firefox you will find Proxmate which accomplishes the same thing as Hola.

Does not work on IE 10. on Win 8 in Canada. When I installed it for IE, all my signed-in google sites get messed up and show 404. Works ok in Chrome though.

I think it was the cookies that don't translate when you access your sites while Hola is on.

Hola Unblocker it just proxy service. Very reiable I must admit. It's just configure proxy via pac script. If website is not on the "black list" - it sends then every packets directly to the website. But if it does - then it picks a proper proxy ( generally it looks like where XX is a number on the port 22222 ) and add an outcoming http header Proxy-Authorization because hola proxies need a user name and password. After that a proper connection is taken.

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John Snow

Their FAQ says:

"Install Hola on your PC, phone or tablet to make your Internet faster, to save data costs, and to be able to view sites that are otherwise censored. It works by sharing the idle resources of its users for the benefit of all. The more Hola users, the faster the Ineternet will be! Our ultimate goal is to make the Internet 10x faster."

So it's P2P? Sorry, but on my slow wireless internet I don't like to share.

Media Hint is another Firefox/Chrome addon that is good for U.S. sites. Just install and forget, til you want to see local media and wonder why you can't see it. Colin

Your short article makes it sound like you can connect to any website that gives you the "not available in your country message". I was thrilled when I read it since I frequently get this message when trying to watch television from Portugal and the free Portugal proxies usually don't work, and when they do, they are slower than molasses.
The reality is that Hola only unblocks a few hand-picked websites. There are some scripts available to unblock other websites, but there's no way I can see to add a website that interests you. I even saw someone asking about the exact same website I want to see (RTP - Radio Televisão Portugal) and the Hola people answered "Proxies for Portugal are not available". Maybe I check out Hola again in a couple of years. Probably not.

Hola sounds like a nice simple solution.
If that doesn't work because you're not in one of the 22 countries, You might want to try the free DNSJumper. It changes your DNS settings on the fly. Change to a US (or whatever country) DNS and that may be all it takes - they'll assign you a local IP.

Impressively, this works from behind a router too.

(the tool also tests for your fastest DNS choice)

If the site is still being fussy, you can use the Tunlr DNS service which modifies your headers to more thoroughly seem from the US. Thats on the DNSJumper pick list.

Thanks David. I've downloaded DNS Jumper and found some Portuguese DNS servers that work. Now I'm just waiting for Portuguese TV to give me the "not available in your area" message in order to try it out. Feels funny to be wanting them *not* to let me in. :)

Actually, Hola has proxies for 22 countries in the world. It will unblock any site (at least everywhere I've tried till now) from those 22 countries. The reason you are not able to unblock the particular site is that they don't have Portugal on their list till now.

To unblock any site in chrome, open the website, click the Hola button and select the required country from the drop down list.


If you go to the Facebook page for Hola Unblocker Scripts --
-- you can request a Holascript. Some clever folks at github will identify the stream and write a script, which you can add to your Hola client with one click (probably the windows app required for this; chrome extension not sufficient). They say they will write any script if it has 5 requests; it's free but they accept donations.

I agree BTW that Hulu's general 'country location' is pretty useless. I expect you are getting a Portugal flag, and er, that's it!

Atm Hola's bread and butter is iPlayer + Pandora + Hulu (tho' there are more reliable ways to get these vanilla flavours). But Hulu promises to become much more - essentially a client for home-made scripts for everyone - making geo-protected content a thing of the past. Hopefully scripts will become more democratic to access and user-friendly to create. (I am unable to join github for some reason; and making my own scripts is just too hard for me - I've tried!) So for now, the Facebook page is all there is.

This is probably a great site for those who don't live in the U.S., but it only unblocks U.S. sites, so it doesn't help Americans who want to watch BBC or CBC programming.

I don't know what you're talking about. I live in the US and have been using Hola to unblock iPlayer for a while now. It works flawlessly.

Hola is great! It's actually a part of the torch browser now which is pretty cool because you can just use the regular torch browser and unblock and country!

Thanks for that- I'll give it a shot. It seems like these sites pop-up & then quietly disappear after a while (are they legally forced to shut down I wonder?).

You might also have a look at They let you assign their specific server IPs & it does similar to hola.


Very useful Article and website indeed. This month's best anywhere.

Thanks Rob!

Incredible, but just yesterday I was trying to find something similar.
With your recommendation I don't need to keep trying!