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Every now and then I find myself needing a site I had forgotten about until I find myself needing it again.

That's how the this weeks web site of the week came to be. The site is called What's Running, and it gives you an inside look into what's going on in your Windows installation.
It has features that can be used in various ways, for example it can be downloaded and run as an application, though I have to admit that I've never downloaded the program.
The part of the site I use and like is the Windows Process Information Central page.
The page lists all kinds of processes, applications, and services for a variety of things that aren't limited to Microsoft.
If it's running, odds are you can find out what it is at this site.
You can sort by list of companies, lists of products, or search by alphabet, plus there's a list of the top ten process queries, the 10 latest additions to the list, and the 50 most accessed processes.

If you would like to know what all those processes on your computer are doing, this is a terrific place to look.
If you've used Windows Task Manager, msconfig, the services panel or other monitoring program you may be wondering what scvhost.exe is, what lsass is, or what dwm.exe does - you can look it up and get a clear explanation at this site.
When I find services and processes that I'm not familiar with this site is the place I go to look up items, questionable or not. =)

Editors Update: The advertising on the site contains various offers to fix errors on computers, and it's not always clear what's an ad and what's part of the site.
A basic guideline is if you see an offer to fix or repair anything, it's usually an ad. Browser adblockers will filter out most of the ads so they aren't visible.

Here a few links to various pages on the site:

What's Running Process Information Center
What's Running Features
What's Running Home Page


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