Website of the Week (Life's Little Mysteries)


Web Site of the Week (Life's Little Mysteries)

I've been on the mailing list for this site, and I'm always amazed with the things they come up with. There isn't one particular topic, but if you want to learn answers to questions you might not have thought to ask, you'll like the site.

The words Life's Little Mysteries on an aged paper background

If you're a curious person this is a terrific site - you never know what they'll come up with next.
The site has these categories for you to browse; Body Mind, Creatures, Culture, Earth, Space, Entertainment, Money, Sports, Tech, and Weird. Or you can sign up for the newsletter, join the mailing list, or grab the app for iPad.

That's my description, here's the description from the website:
Life's Little Mysteries answers fascinating questions about the world around you and the stuff in it, from things in the news and on your mind to crazy questions you didn't even know you had. Our team of experienced reporters and editors do serious research while having loads of fun, to explain the world's objects and phenomena, natural and man-made.

The site content is usually fun and interesting - nothing terribly serious or disturbing. They have published a book; there are a few ads promoting it but nothing intrusive - the ads are modeled on the look of the site and fit right in.

Life's Little Mysteries

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