Web Server for Windows Media Centre Reaches v1 Milestone


Like millions of people, I use a PC running Windows Media Centre instead of a traditional set-top box or PVR.  It means that I can watch and record TV programs, just like everyone else, but I can also use the machine for more conventional web surfing too. It's the ideal living-room companion.

But the one feature that Media Centre lacks, in my opinion, is a built-in web server to allow me to schedule recordings over the internet when I'm away from home.

Thankfully, all is not lost.  A wonderful piece of freeware called Remote Potato does the job.  Installation is relatively easy, though configuring your router to allow access through you firewall is a little more tricky.  But once you've followed the online guide, the system works superbly.  From any computer that has a web browser (and that includes a smartphone), you can browse the TV listings and schedule new recordings.  And, as you can see from the screen shot below, do a lot more too.

I've mentioned Remote Potato here before, but previous versions have been betas.  A couple of months ago the product finally reached the v1.0 milestone.  Actually it's already on 1.06.

If you use Windows Media Centre, I definitely recommend it.  To download the program, just go to http://www.remotepotato.com/.  The installer is only around 9 MB, and runs under media center on Windows 7 or Vista.




I have checked the above-mentioned file with Virus Total, and the program appears to be free of all malware and viruses.

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