A Web Browser As A Windows Desktop Gadget


Windows Vista used to have a feature called Live Desktop, which allowed your desktop to be linked to a web-based system in order to provide live information feeds and other data.

Citing security reasons, Microsoft remove the feature from Windows 7.  Although the operating system ships with a number of desktop gadgets, there is no gadget which provides a basic web browser function.  So if you want to keep a simple web page open all the time on your desktop, perhaps to keep you up to date with your favourite news site or with Twitter, your only option is to open a full browser.  Or at least, it was.

Minibrowser is a simple but capable web browser, implemented as desktop gadget for Windows 7.  It's small (less than 0.6 MB to download), and makes it easy to keep a source of web-based information permanently open on your desktop without it closing each time you close your main browser.  

To get Minibrowser, head to http://www.minibrowser.info/ and download the gadget file.  Then double-click to install it.  According to VirusTotal it's free of all malware.  Once you've installed it, the first thing you'll want to do is click its spanner icon, then the "sizes" tab, and set it to something larger than the default.  Then you'll have room to experiment with its settings and options.

Personally, I find Minibrowser incredibly useful.  I look after a bunch of web servers, and I have access to a web-based system that keeps me up to date with their performance.  Using Minibrowser, I can keep that information on my desktop so it's permanently available and always updated.




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