A small portable program packs a lot of advanced features and analysis tools


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No installation required, edit sounds like a pro user.

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Wavosaur weighs in at a total uncompressed filesize of 708 KB and is the only product in this category review that requires no installation, which makes it extremely portable.

What surprised me about it was that, for such a small program, Wavosaur packs a lot of advanced features including: resample, bit-depth convert (8,16,24,32 bits); pitch shift; vocal removal; DC offset removal; auto-trim; silence remover; interpolate; auto detect region; crossfade loop; and export of multiple .wav files from regions. It also supports ASIO drivers and VST plug-ins, has many analysis tools and is skinnable.

Thanks to subscribers Jay Eitelman, Rinchen Tsepal, and Brandon Tanner for contributing to this review.

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