Watch Youtube Without The Ads, Comments, Suggestions, Etc


If you like watching Youtube videos, but you'd rather see them without all the additional screen clutter such as suggestions, comments, lists of other videos by the same contributor and so on, then you'll be interested in this Hot Find.

ViewPure is a web site that lets you watch your chosen Youtube video on a blank screen (you can choose black or white), with no other distractions.  Which saves your internet bandwidth, and thus makes everything cleaner and faster.

To use it, just head to and paste the URL of the Youtube video you want to watch into the box.  Then hit the button and watch in peace, on your de-cluttered screen.




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I must try it, I was wondering how you did it in Pot Player

another great little tool for YouTube is the add-on known as "YouTube Centre"
available here for Chrome:

We all know that the latest versions of YouTube have changed so that when you pause a video, it also pauses the buffering which is a pain if you need it to buffer due to slow internet or simply a slow PC.
By using the above add-on, and unchecking the "dash" box in settings, it will enable the buffering to continue when the video is paused

If you are using Chrome, I highly recommend the extension: Youtube Options.

It gives you a detailed option so you can decide specifically which part(s) of Youtube you like to see and which parts to hide.

What's even better is that the setting will be imposed automatically for any youtube video you come across, you don't have to copy/paste links to a different website.

I have been using Adblock for YouTube Chrome Extension for quite a while now. VERY satisfied.
I have low vision, so I tend to go to full screen almost always. So background is irrelevant to me.

I use 'Magic Actions For Youtube'. It's a firefox or Chrome addon. It removes the ads on the sides and lets you darken the page background for a theater type effect. Pretty cool.

Another advantage of using VLC as sicknero suggests is it plays better. Another alternative is hitting full screen in youtube

That's true, YT videos do play more smoothly for me when streamed to a stand-alone player.

Nice, thanks.

Another alternative is SVPtube - Although VLC handles streaming URLs quite well on the whole, other media players don't always.

SVPtube is a tiny portable prog that sits in your systray and when you copy a video stream URL to your clipboard, converts it to a format that can be used by any media player - Pot Player for instance. It can be set to autoplay copied URLs and has the advantage of not being tied to any particular browser. Works with various sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Thanks rob..... I'm always on the lookout for something that makes youtube viewing a pleasure.
You've nailed it with this one !

Thanks Rob, quietube is similar.

Super Find

Nice find Rob thanks : )

A couple of alternatives are streaming Youtube vids to a standalone media player such as VLC or Pot Player, or using the Pop Video add-on for Firefox which as the name suggests pops the video out into a separate dedicated window.

These have the advantage (for me anyway) that you can drag them around the desktop and resize them to play your vids in a corner of the screen while doing other stuff.