Watch The World Get DDoSed In Real Time


Digital Attack DDoS mapHackers have a variety of tricks and techniques in their armoury, and being able to initiate a DDoS attack is a much-used one. Rather than attempting to guess usernames and passwords in order to steal data from remote systems, DDoS attackers initiate a Denial Of Service Attack by hitting the server so often that it simply crashes under the strain.

Of course, it's not easy to hit a server fast enough from a single hacker's computer to force it offline. So hackers use botnets, or massive groups of compromised PCs, to stage the attack. With all those machines trying to connect to the poor server at once, it doesn't have a hope of staying online.

Digital Attack Map is a web site which shows you, via animated symbols on a map, just where the current large-scale DDoS attacks are coming from, and where they're going to. So if you want to sit and watch lots of coloured symbols move from China to America, for example, and wonder in awe at the sheer scale of the attacks, this is the site for you. It is, to be fair, a fascinating watch.

See it for yourself at on any modern browser.

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I wonder where all those "unknowns" into the US are coming from?

Just tried it in FF 38.0.5 Win 7 Pro SP1, no problem loading. Try pinging the site - you might see where the problem node is.

Worked for me too. Just took a moment to load:-|

There is also this presentation:

Can not use that website in FF 38.0.5 on Windows7 here. I get the folowing error:

Unfortunately, an error occurred while loading geographic data. You might need to upgrade your browser.

Try again. I had no problem on FF 38.0.5, Windows7

It was HTTPS Everywhere plugin in FF that I had to disable Google API in for the page to load properly. This is another good site

Same error here, but in my case the guilty was Adblock Plus. I just disabled it in the page and worked immediately.

Thank you for sharing, rob! :-)