Want Windows 10 Creators' Update Right Now? Really? OK, Here's How.


Windows 10Microsoft has started rolling out the latest major update for Windows 10. If you currently use Windows 10 and haven't had the Creators' Update yet, you'll be getting it soon as part of your normal update procedure. If you want to know what's coming in Creators' Update, see http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/windows-10-creators-update-whats... for details.

If you want to jump to the front of the queue and get CU right now, there's a way. Go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and download the Upgrade Assistant. It's a small 6 MB file, regarded as clean by VirusTotal. It'll check your PC and upgrade you if it thinks you meet all the requirements.

Don't underestimate the impact of doing the installation though. This is a completely new version of Windows and, although everything should just happen cleanly and automatically, it might not. So if you'd rather wait a couple of weeks and check that there are no reports of major problems, that's not a bad idea. But if you have a relatively expendable or spare PC, it might be fun to try the latest version of Windows before everyone else.

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"The best idea Microsoft could come up with is creating a separate Windows security module, much less than 4 GB, that does need to be regularly updated, with the rest of the Operating System left unchanged"
Well said - I couldn't agree more.

That would be ideal but the security loopholes can appear in any other "modules" that Windows may have. They can appear in Edge, Office, and any other apps or services.

Not a problem. The security patches can be combined into one regular 'Security' download, and when installed the various fixes are applied to Edge, Internet Explorer, Office or whatever

I would much prefer a regular single download to address security issues, than a 4GB every 1-2 years, which basically changes the entire Operating System

Don't bother with current Creator Update! Installed and only major difference I noticed was that my computer took almost 3x longer to boot up!
Otherwise nothing special...WAIT!!! I just want my computer to operate fast and respond quickly, this update seems to slow everything down. I don't care about other "enhancements"

I also find it hard to understand why these huge updates to Windows 10 were necessary so soon after each other.
Both the Anniversary and Creators updates were big downloads and I agree that this latest Creators version is virtually Windows 11.
Many of the new features seem to be gamer and social media focused which are of no interest to me but will no doubt be appreciated by many.
Each update comes with more privacy concerns too as discussed elsewhere here.
Despite all this the latest Creators update runs very smoothly on my laptop and I like it.

Thanks for raising the subject of Windows 10, or actually Windows 11
The original concept that Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, was actually a myth.

Microsoft announced that the original Windows 10 version,launched in July 2015, (less than 2 years ago) would no longer receive security and quality updates after May 9, 2017
That right, the original Windows 10 version, will soon no longer be supported

Phasing out of support for original Windows 10 "was needed because two major updates for the operating system have been rolled out, namely the Anniversary Update and the Creators Update.

Two groups of people I feel sorry for - firstly the endusers who just want to browse internet and use their existing applications without all the disruption. I also feel sorry for software developers, who have a moving target to deal with when trying to create stable software

I have been using my Creators Update for 10 days now (got via Windows Insider Program) and have been impressed with how smoothly the 4gb download and install went. All my files remained intact from my previous Anniversary version and it was just a matter of cleaning the windows.old folder to reclaim lost space on my SSD.
I have checked out the new features in this major update and turned off those which are not relevant to my requirements but overall it looks to be a worthwhile incremental improvement and seems to have been well tested before its release (unlike Windows 8) and everything has functioned seamlessly in the 10 days since I installed it.
I have a fast network speed with unlimited data usage and even so the download and installation took a couple of hours so those with restricted network data limits and/or slower speed will probably take longer.
Overall a positive experience from me at this early stage.

I use Microsoft Windows every day, so I am a supporter.
But looks like the company will always expect us to continually upgrade the Operating System, just so you can contnue to do the same tasks on your computer

It makes me smile when I see "Windows 10 Creators Update - 4 new features that will boost productivity" or similar web articles
What Microsoft fails to mention, are the inevitable problems that arise with older applications and device drivers when you upgrade
For example that USB reader or Webcam you bought 3 years ago that sudden stops working - and the manufacturer not wanting to update their device drivers

Losses of productivity often are more common than benefits of this continual upgrade process
A 4GB download and installation is essentially a new operating system.

Google "Red X debacle" to see how Microsoft tricked a lot of people into accidentally upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 !

Shame we cant create an Operating system that remains secure without having to relentlessly upgrade the entire installation
The best idea Microsoft could come up with is creating a separate Windows security module, much less than 4 GB, that does need to be reguarly updated, with the rest of the Operating System left unchanged