Want To Win A Free Copy Of This Superb $40 PIM? [EXPIRED]


I've been researching Personal Information Manager software recently, and one of the products I really like is EssentialPIM. It's a Windows program which manages all your notes, to-do lists, calendars, contacts and passwords. It even has a built-in email client too, so you can read and send email from within the program.

All your data is stored in a single database file, so when you back up that file you know that you've got safe copies of all your information. And you can password-protect the database too, so no one else can use it if they happen to find a copy of your database.

You can get EssentialPIM at https://www.essentialpim.com/ as an 18 MB download for Windows. There's a free version available, which provides basic features. You can use this for as long as you like, with no payment necessary.

There's also a Pro version available, which is $39.95. It has more features, and you can customise it more. Because I liked the program so much, I got in touch with the developers and asked whether they'd give me some licences for the Pro version to give away to readers of Gizmo's freeware. And they said yes!

So, I have 5 licences to give away. If you want one, head to https://www.essentialpim.com/pc-version and get the 30-day trial of the Pro version. Then drop me an email to epim@schifreen.com and I'll put you in the draw. I'll pick the winners at random next week, and will let you know if you win. If you don't, then your software will automatically downgrade itself to the free version after 30 days so you'll still be able to access and edit your data for as long as you like.

Remember: Get the software from https://www.essentialpim.com/pc-version then drop me an email to epim@schifreen.com to be in with a chance of winning your free licence.

Just to clarify: I'll pick the winners and then delete all your emails. You won't get any further messages from me, and your prize draw entries will not be given to anyone else. Unless you're one of the winners, in which case I'll need to send your name to the company in order for them to generate your licence code.

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