Want To Try Hacking Computers Legally? Here's How.


Hack The BoxHave you ever fancied yourself as a computer hacker or penetration tester? Have you ever read about hacking and wondered just how easy or hard it would actually be to achieve?

Of course, hacking someone else's computer without their permission is illegal pretty much everywhere. And setting up a network of computers yourself, purely to hack them, is time-consuming. But thankfully there's another way.

Hack The Box is a network of computers which has been set up for you to hack. It's all legal, and the idea is to allow people to test their technical skills and techniques. It's also free to use, and good fun. But be aware that it's aimed at people with a good deal of technical knowledge (or those who think they have it!).

To get started, head to www.hackthebox.eu to read more. As you'll see, the first thing you need to do is to hack the sign-up process in order to find the invitation code. This will require knowledge of how to browse web page sources and JavaScript files, and how to use the developer tools built into your browser. If you're really stuck, watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZZ3aQzxDcI which will walk you through the first step.

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Is this "ethical hacking" oriented mainly, I hope. Good to learn how to find vulnerabilities in your system. ( Don't need Gizmo training "bad guys".)

Always wondered how to use the web developer tools as this knowledge can be useful in troubleshooting things. Are there learning links etc. that one can be referred to? Thanks.