Want Some New E-Reading Material? Here's Lots.


You've written a novel.  Or perhaps the first few chapters of one.  Or you've written a short story.  You don't want to publish it professionally (or perhaps not quite yet), but you'd like other people to read it.  It obviously makes sense to put it online, but where exactly?

For millions of people around the world, the answer is a site called Wattpad. It's a showcase for new writing.  Publish a novel, or part of one, on the system for others to find and read.  Or just upload a short story or 2.

According to the site, its users spend more than 2 billion minutes each month reading stuff on the site, so there's clearly a lot of interesting material on there to read.

So next time you're at a loose end and you want something new to read, or you want to discover a modern writer that you've never even heard of, head to www.wattpad.com and see where it takes you.  




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But at Wattpad you must read your pick entirely at one sitting or remember where you were externally to the site!!