Want The Latest Winamp? Get It While You Still Can


In the days before iTunes, Winamp was one of the best-known names in computer music.  It was the preferred MP3 player for millions of people, and there were even some built-in radio stations that were integrated with it too.  It was so popular that AOL bought Winamp for some $80 million a few years ago, presumably with the intention of turning it into what iTunes eventually became.

AOL has now abandoned its dreams.  Winamp is no more.  The web site is no longer accepting orders for Pro subscriptions.  And in a couple of weeks' time, the official Winamp download sites will close.  So if you still use Winamp and you want to ensure you have the latest version, head to www.winamp.com and download it now, before it's too late.




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Ran across this article: "AOL is finalizing negotiations to sell off Winamp and Shoutcast in a deal that would allow both products to live on, according to a source with knowledge of the discussions." http://techcrunch.com/2013/12/19/winamp-will-never-die/ I did check the Winamp site today (December 22, 2013) and the download is still available, even though the download page still says December 20th is the last day.

Does anybody know what will become of all the plug-ins, skins, visualisations and so on? It will be a tragedy if these are no longer available as a lot of them can be used in other software as well as Winamp.

Heads up: Version 5.666, the *final* final version, was released on November 25. So good of them to keep on going right to the end.

We shall of course see if there's a "final" *final* version next week.

Used Winamp for years but got tired of crashes and other technical/performance issues so switched to MusicBee a couple years ago and it has been great. It is not included in the "Winamp alternatives" link provided by AJNorth so thought I would add as another recommendation.




Some may find this article from Ghacks entitled, "What’s the best Winamp alternative now that it is shutting down?" of interest -- http://www.ghacks.net/2013/11/21/whats-best-winamp-alternative-now-shutt... .

(This Change.org petition is also linked in the Comments section: http://www.change.org/petitions/aol-keep-winamp-alive-or-let-it-go-open-...).

Tks for the tip about Change.org, AJNorth!

I just created an account to sign the petition in favor of Winamp. My words there:

"Winamp was a pioneer and became a synonymous of media player. A very nice and useful software for millions of user, a mark in computation history. It should NEVER disappear!"


Congrats -- and THANKS! Your comment is spot-on.

Perhaps there are still a few at AOL harboring even a modicum of sanity, compassion and decency.

They've obviously forgotten just how far the good will that would be generated by heeding our appeals could go. After all, corporations are people, too (or so some say...).

This news makes me so sad as I felt when I read about M$ buying Skype, years ago. After, the "end" of MSN...

It's realy a pity to see that so many good and useful softwares, full of pleased users, are being aquired in a moment just for disband competing companies, control of market and accumulation of money. Times later, the "dreams are abandoned" and the softwares are simply throwed in trash by the buyers...

The users and fans? "Let's look to the future!"

A number of companies insist on saying that the users are their biggest patrimony and their number one objective, but, in practice, they make exactly the opposite.


Very true. Sygate firewall is the one that sticks in my mind most. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks for posting this. I been using WinAmp it seems like forever. There's something about it that would make my computer seem as if it were missing something. That being said, can someone tell me if WinAmp is going to be no more would it be safe to have on computers? I don't know how that works as far as security issues. Thanks so much.

Think I'll stick to Cowon JetAudio Basic. Free version: http://jetaudio.com/download/

If anyone is looking for a good replacement that's equally professional, lightweight, open, plugin-based, powerful, to-the-point, etc, Foobar2K is a perfect alternative for you. http://www.foobar2000.org/

Just try it, the screenshots and such on the site hardly show 1% of its potential. You can customize EVERYTHING, set it all up with format strings to parse tags into folder structures and display items and such.

It's the last line of defense between us and rubbish like iTunes...

As a bonus foobar2000 is developed by Peter Pawlowski, who formerly worked for Nullsoft, the people behind Winamp.

And yes, F2K really is an audio player to end all audio players.

This is very sad news, WinAmp was my first Windows mediaplayer and I still have a soft spot for it even though I've moved on in terms of my primary player.

I always loved it for the visualisations and the excellent community of coders providing a great variety of skins and plug ins.

I guess this means that the skins and plug ins will also be unavailable. That's a real shame.

A sad day.

iTunes will have to go through some major, major changes before I ever consider switching to it.

thanks for the heads up, I use winamp , will the android app also disappear ?

Thanks so much. I'm one of the rebels who stuck with WinAmp. iTunes... what's that?