Want To Host Your Own Online Office Suite?



OnlyOffice is an online office suite (word processing, spreadsheets and more) that offers similar features to Google Docs and Microsoft Office365.  However, there are a couple of areas where it differs markedly.

Firstly, pricing.  The system is specifically marketed as small businesses, where you'll pay from $40 a year for 2 users.  But for single users it's free, so you can use it from your browser to create documents and easily access them from anywhere.  Secondly, if you're a non-profit company with multiple users then it's also free - just fill in the online form to declare your non-profit status and the company will listen to your request.

Perhaps most interestingly for the techies among us, the OnlyOffice software which runs on their servers is open source so, if you want to, you could even host your own version for the ultimate in customisable online office suites.  And of course it will then be free to use for as many users as you want.

Sign up to the personal edition at https://personal.onlyoffice.com or download the software from http://www.onlyoffice.com/community-server.aspx if you prefer.  The Windows version runs to 143 MB and is malware-free according to Web of Trust and my normal virus scanner (the download is too large for VirusTotal).  Remember that you'll need a spare Windows or Linux machine for the server, though you could always use a virtual machine on your existing PC via VirtualBox or VMware Player.






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