Wallpaper of the Week: The Orion Nebula: Hubble's Sharpest View


This weeks wallpaper comes to us via the Hubble Telescope. It's a superb view of the Orion Nebula, showing off the colorful swirls, curves and stars that make it a favorite image for those interested in space. Some browns, some oranges, some magenta and some blue are the predominant colors. This background works well with icons in most areas of the image- not high contrast but not a lot of glare in the brighter areas either.

This wallpaper comes in a wide range of image resolutions including widescreen (including retina MacBook Pro 13 and 15), full screen, portrait, dual monitor, and mobile devices and tablets. You can use this background on desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and other devices, just install it using the directions for your specific device or browser.

Orion Nebula image

Download The Orion Nebula: Hubble's Sharpest View Wallpaper

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