Wallpaper of the Week: Milky Way Rising Over Snowcapped Mountains


This weeks wallpaper is a stunning image of the Milky Way shining above a mountain clearing. The mountains are snowy, and in the middle of the clearing is a group of evergreen trees with the Milky Way rising directly above the trees. Evergreen trees ring the clearing and puffy clouds can be seen in the background just above the mountains. Icons show up quite nicely with this wallpaper.

image of the Milky Way shining above a mountain clearing

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Thank you, rhiannon! But... tell me: is it a paint, right?

I'm not sure...........it looks like it could be a real photo to me, but I'm no expert, that's for sure. It could be a photo that's been enhanced with Photoshop, it could be something created in Photoshop or a similar program......I've also seen some amazing night time photos that are as good as that and haven't been re-touched. I think only the person who created it knows for sure. A local photographer (who recently moved, sadly) takes shots of the Milky Way around here that are absolutely breathtaking. Clear, dark skies and long exposure times are what work for him. :)