Wallpaper of the Week: Black Layered Lines


This weeks wallpaper is a very dark, very minimalist image of diagonal black lines that create layers of some sort of material. It could be paper, or something else - the result is a background with a goodly amount of detail and texture without being obtrusive. The center of the image is slightly more illuminated than the corners, adding a touch of interest. Icons stand out nicely with this wallpaper. If you like dark minimal wallpapers, take a look - as with all these types of backgrounds, the image here doesn't do it justice.

Desktop wallpaper image. Black Layered Lines in a diagonal pattern.

This wallpaper comes in a wide range of image resolutions including widescreen, full screen, dual monitor, and mobile devices and tablets. Use the installation instructions for your specific device or browser.

Download Black Lines Wallpaper

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