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Wallpaper Master

A wallpaper changer with many useful features in a good user interface


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Low memory usage, change on start-up, change intervals (min), wallpaper position settings, wallpaper ratings and categories, wallpaper folder sync.
Some limitations apply to the free version, cannot have 2 different backgrounds (dual monitors).

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Wallpaper Master has a good user interface with many useful features. The program can be set to auto start at windows logon or auto close after 30 seconds to save system resources.

It allows you to categorize the lists of wallpapers and rate each wallpaper so that better ones are chosen more often. It's easy to add files to the list or simply monitor a directory to update the list of wallpapers.

Wallpapers can be set to change when windows starts or on certain intervals in sequential order, shuffle mode or random order according to ratings. The position of each wallpaper can be set to center, stretch, tile or resize as well.

On the downside, the program allows adding up to a maximum 5,000 images per category in the free version, but that's good enough for most average users.

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James Gart's webpage for Wallpaper Master is not responding. I have one on my desktop and one on my laptop, but they have different menus, and I don't know why. Has any developer taken over from James Gart? I've used this program for years. My only complaint is the limit on number of photos that can be in the source file. Otherwise it's great.

Thanks for your feedback miniliq. You may try the alternative "Get It" source now updated.