Provides on-the-fly encryption giving you transparent access and quick sync for encrypted files.


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License: Free (Private/Educational use)
Categories: Security & Privacy

Pros & Cons:

On-the-fly encryption gives you transparent access and quick sync for encrypted files when signed in. Strong security. Simple operation. For Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Some users will find the virtual drive with an assigned letter convenient (but see Cons in the discussion).
The file system interface could lead to confusion, with files left unencrypted in the cloud (see discussion above). Supports Dropbox only at this time.

Our Review:

Viivo and BoxCryptor both use a virtual-drive interface that is linked to an ordinary folder. They encrypt a single folder, and augment it with the virtual-folder overlay to give cleartext access. With this approach, you work directly with an unencrypted local files, which is faster, but not as secure against local attack. Viivo is not open source, but it is a seasoned product offered by an encryption-centered enterprise.

Their two folder approach leaves users open to fatal mistakes. All files to be encrypted must be placed in the unencrypted local folder. or they will not be encrypted in the cloud-facing folder. Any files placed directly in the encrypted folder will not be encrypted. That could be hard to remember, and there is no warning or other indication of mistakes.

Viivo was reviewed by on based on version 1.01.0042.