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View interesting, unusual and popular sites around the world via webcams at this intriguing website.

Known for its tourist cams around the world, EarthCam has much more on offer than popular locations around the world. Along with places like Times Square in the US, Abbey Road Crossing in London, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the Eiffel Tower and Bourbon Street, there are extreme weather cams, animal cams, iconic American locations, U.S. National Parks, 360 degree panoramas, and time lapse cams. Whether you want to browse on your own or look at curated cams in several categories, there's plenty to see. Some cams are viewable in places that are closed or off limits, like the torch balcony of the Statue of Liberty.

Here's some of the categories you can browse:

  • Time-Lapses by EarthCam
  • National Park Service
  • It's Bird Season!
  • LIVE on My EarthCam
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • Iconic Landmarks
  • Weather
  • Popular
  • Animals and Zoos
  • Weird and Bizarre

EarthCam has thousands of cams around the world. The YouTube channel is worth a visit to see time lapse construction projects like sports arenas and live popular places. If you're a visitor to one of my favorite sites,, you'll see a few cams show up in both places.

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I often check on who is crossing the street on Abbey Road.

I'd seems it would be quite an interesting cam.