VSDC Free Video Editor


VSDC Free Video Editor

Professional video editor, alternative to most paid solutions


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Rich tool-set suitable for professional video editing, opens any video and audio format, no conversion needed. Multiple output options, including HEVC/H265 codec for highest quality.
Getting familiar with all the features might take some time if you are a newbie, as technical documentation is not very detailed.

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VSDC is a free non-linear video editor for professional and personal use. It includes screen capture and video capture tools, slideshow creator and a built-in video converter. VSDC supports all the popular audio and video formats including but not limited to AVI, QuickTime, HDVideo, Windows Media, Win, MPeg, MPG.
VSDC Free Video Editor has over 40 audio and visual effects, such as color correction, filters, special effects, blending modes and numerous transitions. There are multiple tools to work with titles, comments and subtitles. It also allows users to remove video background using Chroma Key/Green screen feature and hide unwanted objects on the video with a mask tool often used when censorship required.
The program is free with no watermarks or feature limitations, however, if you have never worked with a non-linear video editor, it might look a bit confusing at first. You can either check the basic tutorials available for VSDC, or support the product and pay $10 for technical support.

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The software is called VSDC, not VDSC.

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The link under " Review & Alternatives:" is incomplete.

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