Use This Calculator That Works Like a Spreadsheet and a Notepad



Using a simple calculator app to sum up a list of numbers is not effective as you would have to retype all the numbers to check and verify if the sum is correct.

That's the reason for some people who switch to a full-fledged spreadsheet like Excel just to add up a column of numbers. It is easy for checking and editing, and saves precious time without the need to re-enter them.

But if you don't like to use a bloated app to perform simple mathematical calculations, CalcNote is an ideal alternative. It is like a spreadsheet but works much easier and simpler; and yet unlike any other simple calculators, it is much more powerful than giving a basic sum.

CalcNote is able to read and calculate multi lines of numbers mixed with text on a notepad, like $4.29 * 10 packs + $5.90 shipping, and it allows you to copy and share your calculation with inline text that helps explain the numbers.

It shows your results in real time with each line of numbers and text that are editable. Check out this excellent app for more details if this is what you've been looking for.





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Very nice app but on my tablet (Nexus 7 running 6.0.1) the long press to get added functions does not work. I have not tried it on an Android phone.