An Update For The Freeware Program I Use Every Day


GreenshotDespite what you may think, I don't actually have much software installed on my PC. As a Windows user since version 1.0 arrived in 1988 or so, I'm aware that less is more. The fewer installed apps you have, the better your computer runs. My goal is to have the list of apps on the "uninstall a program" screen run to just a single page without any scrolling required. Give or take a couple, I generally achieve that goal.

Of the handful of freeware apps that get to stay on my PC and which I use regularly, Greenshot is probably the most useful. I use it literally every single day. The screen shots that accompany all the Hot Find posts are produced with it. If you haven't tried it, and you want to capture your screen image for use in a document, get it. It's a 2 MB download from and it was recently (January 2017) updated to v1.2.9. This release fixes about 30 bugs, so it's worth having.

The download is rated as malware-free by VirusTotal, and Web of Trust regards the site as reputable too. But make sure you click on the right "Download" button when you're on the site, rather than one that is actually any advert for a different product.

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Very good. Very useful. Thanks.

I used to use "GreenShot" until I came across "LightShot", then I switched. It's not as verastile as the former but it has all I that I need and feels less cluttered. I suggest you give it a try.

Edit: It's worth nothing that "LightShot" is missing the option to censor/blur parts of the screenshot.

I agree, after using LightShot for the first time, it's now installed on all the computers I use.

There's a both a full Windows program and also addons for most (all ?) of the popular browsers.

I as sure we all have a fav. Think I found this in Gizmo. I love how this works and the editor is easy and works great. Really like Screenpresso! Give it a whirl:

Have to pass on your pick. The go to for me, which I've used for years, is Picpick. Best there is in my opinion.

Windows snipping tool has worked reliably for me over a period of many years, if there is some function it does not perform, then clearly it must be something that I have never needed. Thanks anyway.

Generally I agree with you.

But what all discussion about these sort of utilities miss, understandably miss I should say, is the ease of use aspect. Ease of use is a highly subjective issue and I would not know how to measure or quantify that.

As far as ease of use goes good old Gadwin Print Screen version 4.7 seems to be a front runner; even my mostly non-technical customers learn how to do it if they need a screen shot. If you are interested:

Btw. I appreciate all the mentions of alternatives, thanks to whom it may concern.

Thanks for your suggestion Rob

I have found the portable version of Greenshot exists, version 1.29

Greenshot looks like a very versatile and sound program
- allows you to set your own Hotkeys
- very customisable
The reasons I dont use Greenshot
- It uses 50MB of RAM, my preferred utility uses 16MB RAM
- The Greenshot preferences insist the screenshot be saved as an image file - which I dont want (although I think I have found a workaround)
I dont want my hard drive being filled with screenshot images
I just want to copy screenshots to the clipboard, and not be saved on my hard drive

Australia, after you capture a region with Greenshot, "copy to clipboard" is an option, along with send to printer, save to disk, e-mail, open in the Greenshot image editor, send to MSPaint, and save to Imgur.

With respect, I fundamentally disagree with the idea that 'less is more'
I use Windows 7, and have at least 50 programs on my computer, many which I need for work, others are useful utilities
These include Office suites, PDF utilities, audio and video editors, and various system tools
I have also been using Windows since Windows 3.1

The main problem with installing programs is that as you install them, a lot of software insists on starting up every time you log into Windows
This leads to a slow startup when you turn on your computer, a slower computer, and a slower shutdown
It is often difficult to eradicate these programs once they put themselves on the Windows Startup program list

I have five solutions which prevents program bloat on my Windows 7 setup, and keeps my computers running quickly

1)A start up monitor.
When installing new software, it alarms every time a program insists on starting every time Windows starts, so you can block this option immediately
I use the free program, Start Up Monitor.
Windows should have this as a default program, but a quick computer has never been Microsofts priority

2)A system restore creator
Creates a new system restore each time I turn on my computer
- if my computer ever slows down - its usually either to a new program causing slowness, or spyware
- restoring the registry to a date earlier in the week usually fixes things
- I use the freeware Restore Point Creator, it is better than the default Windows System Restore, which doesnt regularly set Restore Points

3)Use portable programs where possible.
Portable programs dont clutter up the registry and dont insist on running every time Windows starts

4)A good program uninstaller

5)A good task manager, so I can see if a new program uses a lot of memory
If a program uses >50MB of memory, and it isnt essential program, then it gets uninstalled.
I use the free Process Hacker portable
I dislike the way Firefox is a massive memory hog that slows my computer, but thats another story

In this way, I can install and uninstall the programs that I need, and even with 50 programs, my computer runs like new
Without steps 1-4, the registry invariably gets cluttered, and the computer invariably slows with every new software installation

You are all to kind to Rob for his "less is more comment" which shows quite clearly he is not a content creator and makes me wonder what in fact he does for a living. For my motorcycle hobby I have programs to manipulate and create routes for my GPS. To manipulate data I have statistical programs and add-ins for excel. How about different video editors and programs to manipulate and edit images. I like to stream content to my TV and ship it around and store it and manipulate ,my cloud storage. Naturally I have skype and other communication tools and can test my internet connection in various ways. LESS IS MORE is NUTS. Get a fast computer Rob. And I go back to computing BEFORE the IBM PC when we used CPM. As for the recommended screen capture program...please. We all appreciate it that its your favorite. That hardly makes it the best free one.

Jim, you're being awfully harsh on a guy who spends a ton of time bringing free, useful programs to our attention without any compensation from us. He never claimed it was the "best" app of its type. He merely said he finds it to be the most useful of a set of freeware apps he uses regularly. Why do you criticize him for that?

+1 Gil Mensch, very well said.

Sorry guys your comments are well made. I did not realize that this was the "Rob Blog" where people who open the email are doing so they are curious about how Rob approaches computing and what he personally uses.. Meaning, I did not understand that but supposed the email was a service by the Gizmo web site to give me advice that is useful on the best free software out there. Rob telling me what he personally uses not in the context of it being the best out there .. really not why I opened the email as I'm interested in someone who has my needs in mind telling me the best software out there. And in this case the software he recommends is not even on the recommended Screen Capture free list by TechSupportAlert plus he reveals in his comments about computing generally that he likely does not have day to day familiarity with business and content creator users and how they set up their computers, use them, what they do and need. However, I get it. Volunteers should not be criticized and I over reacted in the context just explained. Now that I get it that this is the Rob Blog I'll not open these emails again. Sorry to offend.


I will consciously pour oil on the fire. it seems to me you are the offended one.

Reason #1: "... I'm interested in someone who has my needs in mind ..." sounds to me personally like a very cheap cop out. How can any body here have any ideas about "who has my needs in mind"? Your needs are your problem, not ours.

If you are a " and content creator ..." I would expect you to know where you are when you sign up for emails. Maybe we need your expertise and experience here on gizmo's freeware forum? Would you please volunteer to take responsibility for the Screen Capture list?

Reason #2: Your "... I'll not open these emails again ..." is a punitive and guilt inducing reaction of a little boy. Again, I would have to ask why did you sign up for these notifications in the first place? And what about just unsubscribing? BUt I know, growing up is painful ;-)

Oh, BTW, after reading through this a second time I stand by it and will not apologize for or renege on it.

And Happy Easter!

I agree with principle that less is more AND I agree with what you say. :-D

Thanks for taking the time to record a helpful checklist. A lot of people would benefit from your approach, actively managing their system rather than piling on more and more bloated and ineffectual software. I'm continually pruning my installed software so I can be more focused - games are always first to go because they distract me so much.

Very happy using Lightshot. For that matter, why not just stick with the Windows Snipping Tool?

I'm very happy with Snipping Tool

ST, ^ Which has some great not so obvious features like capturing dropdown menus.;)

Thanks rob, tried Greenshot but found it a little overblown for my needs, the last free version of FastStone Capture's my long time fave.

I use ShareX, it does a lot and its free.

I grant it's possibly slightly less lightweight, and it's donationware (which still includes "free" as donations are optional) but my screenshot tool of choice is's ScreenshotCaptor. I haven't done a feature-by-feature comparison but my sense is that the latter delivers a bit more "bang for your buck" (or, perhaps, "bang for your no bucks"!)


Concur, its been great for years