An Update For Every Techie's Favourite Tool


Microsoft Process ExplorerEveryone who needs to troubleshoot a problem with a crashing or slow PC needs to know about Process Explorer. Think of it as a hugely more powerful version of the Windows Task Manager. It shows you what all the programs, services and processes are doing on your computer, so that you can find the source of a problem. It even lets you find out which program has a particular file open, so you can track down problems where Windows is saying that a file can't be deleted because it's open in another process.

Process Explorer is a 1.8 MB download from and it's free. A recent update earlier this month has added some new features, so if you're not already a user of this utility it's a good time to try it. It's portable too, so it's easy to get started once you've downloaded it. And it's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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The changelog for version 16.20: "This release of Process Explorer, a powerful process management and diagnostic utility, adds reporting of process Control Flow Guard (CFG) status and dynamically updates to reflect changes to process Data Execution Prevention (DEP) configuration." (This, and other useful information, may be found at ).

Past changelogs may be found at .

Thanks Rob for informing us about this update for this very useful tool.


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That's great that it's been updated, but this article would be stronger if it identified even just 1 of the "new features."

As it is, this article just tells current users what we already know--I came here hoping to find out what was new.

Love the program, and typically I appreciate these articles, but this one is not particularly helpful yet.