Two Free Services To Help Manage Your Life

Using a computer to manage your to-do list is often a better solution than using paper.  Things stay neat, even if you change a current entry or delete an old one.  And unlike a paper notebook, you can back up the computerised one easily.  Plus, if you use a web-based online system, your entries are available from any computer you use.  Or, of course, from your smartphone if you have web access.

I've recently been trying out two web-based systems which help to manage your to-do list.  

TeuxDeux (which sounds like To Do if you say it in a French accent) is the simplest and least cluttered of the two.  Its uncomplicated week-based layout makes it easy to enter items and arrange them.  There are also some additional features built in, such as automatically carrying forward items that haven't been completed.

You can sign up at

The other system is Toodledo, which is at  It's a more complex system, with more features, and also includes a built-in online notebook too.  Unlike TeuxDeux, which is free, Toodledo charges an annual subscription, but a basic account is free and this should suffice for most people.








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by Linda Lee (not verified) on 21. March 2012 - 16:26  (90943)

I love TeuxDeux-thank you for posting this!

by jit (not verified) on 27. February 2012 - 15:06  (89584)

I find TeuxDeux brings entries forward happily. Also using ClickTo you can highlight a to do as you are entering it and create a note in (say) SimpleNote when you want to.

by Casper on 27. February 2012 - 10:57  (89567)

I would suggest its free and has two important things that most other Task Management services do not have in their free versions:

Team Collaboration and Recurring tasks.

by Odinbc on 26. February 2012 - 18:25  (89537)

GQueues is not Gizmo friendly.
The following is available only for users with a paid subscription
~Google Calendar Integration
~Sharing (collaboration)
~Gmail Gadget for Google Apps
~Google Chrome Extension
~GQueues Mobile (works offline)

Springpad is a better choices. Astrid is good too.

by Urbinhio (not verified) on 26. February 2012 - 5:52  (89505)

GQuesses is perfect and got very nice subtask system.
Great for GTD, great for programmers. Require google account, but gmail users can just go into it.
I definitely recommend it.

by trainman261 on 26. February 2012 - 5:41  (89504)

Astrid is another great product. I use it on my Android and I love it.

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