TwistedBrush Open Studio


TwistedBrush Open Studio

Designed for ease of use with versatile and powerful brush engines.


Our rating: 

License: Free (Last free version)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Paint Program

Pros & Cons:

Quick Start Guide, Sketchbook, Features rich!
Very limited brush collection, strokes lags, GUI not very user friendly!

Our Review:

TwistedBrush Open Studio has one of the most versatile and powerful brush engines in existence, yet it was designed from day one to be easy to use.

It is "simplicity without sacrifice, powerful enough for the professional artist, yet simple enough for the novice" as noted on their website.

The quick start guide is a nice intro to the program's abilities. TwistedBrush Open Studio is designed for all realms of digital art including natural media fine art and even has all the great features of TwistedBrush Pro Studio, albeit just a handful of the very fine brushes are included and without any brush editing ability.

Sadly, no new update has been released since 01/16/11 for Open Studio (freeware) but Pro Studio (Commercial) is getting regular updates. If the developer does not release new updates soon I'll consider removing it from this category as it is getting outdated.

Note: You still can get the Open Studio at a third party website from the "Get It" link above even though the developer has ceased to host it on its site.

TwistedBrush Open Studio was reviewed by on based on version 17.24.