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Offers a plethora of stations from across the world


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Over 100,000 stations; a variety of fashions; provides news, sports, music and talk stations; car mode.
Too many options and categories burden ease of use.

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TuneIn categorizes more than 100,000 stations in a variety of fashions largely unique to this app. You can obviously browse by genre as well as trending, local, country, town, and language. You would need to abide in a lonely and obscure alcove of the music world to not find an enjoyable station in their repertoire. TuneIn provides news, sports, music and talk stations as well. You will be recommended new stations based on previous stations you’ve listened to.

Unlike most radios, TuneIn doesn’t root you to the current song. During a session with TuneIn, you can skip back to any song played during the session and skip back to the current song. If you discover a song you enjoy, you can “favorite” the song. Radio stations can also be “favorited” for easy finding.

Unfortunately the sheer amount of options and categories burden the application’s ease of use. Browsing through TuneIn’s multiple levels of menus while driving can be bothersome, if not dangerous. So TuneIn gives us a car mode, which eliminates a level of functionality, but makes those functions easier to access. As far as I can deduce, you cannot add anything to your favorites while in car mode.

As far as advertisements go, TuneIn places a constant ad banner at the bottom of the screen. TuneIn once played an audio advertisement before starting up the radio. However, I have not been able to reproduce this occurrence.


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