A Touch of Yellow - Yellow Crocus Flowers (Wallpaper of the Week)


This weeks wallpaper consists of bright yellow (crocus) on a softly focused background of a green and yellow field. I thought I'd post a summer-like image this week for anyone that's chilly to downright freezing, especially anyone in the northeastern part of the US. Icons show up surprisingly well against the bright background but might not have enough contrast for some folks.

Available Resolutions:
Check site for sizes in Widescreen, HDTV, Fullscreen, Netbook, Apple Devices, Dual Monitors, Tablet and Android, Mobile/Phone and Covers.

How To Install:
Click on the size closest to your screen resolution. A new window will open, displaying the image in the resolution you picked.
Saving the image in your browser:

  • Firefox: Clicking your screen resolution will download the image to your default download directory.
  • Internet Explorer: Clicking your screen resolution starts the image download. You'll be asked if you want to Open or Save the image. Save will download the image to your
  • default download directory. Open will open the image in Windows Photo Viewer (unless the default program has been changed).
  • Opera: Clicking your screen resolution will download the image to your default download directory.
  • Chrome: Clicking your screen resolution will download the image to your default download directory.

Navigate to your download folder, right-click on the downloaded image, and choose Set as desktop background.
Mac users can use Ctrl+Click to save the image. If you're new to Apple Macs check this Wikihow article for more on how to save images using a Mac.
Optionally in Windows, clicking on the image after its been saved will open it in Windows Photo Viewer, where you can right-click the image and select Set as desktop background.
None your size? Download the nearest size to your screen resolution (larger is better) and resize using your favorite Image Editor.

Download A Touch of Yellow Desktop Wallpaper

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Amazing and vibrant – that’s what I would like to call it. The brilliant combination of bright yellow crocus with green background looks as a perfect reflection of the approaching summer. The wallpaper is so vivid with a blissful colour blend that I now have it as wallpaper on my desktop and tablet. Even my friends liked the wallpaper and I couldn’t resist telling them how to download these. I just love the natural art this wallpaper has and I hope to see more of such brilliant works in seasons to come. Thanks!

Beautiful. I especially like the soft focus and warm colors. The contrast makes the flower seem to have been edged with a pencil. Nice.

I'm happy you like it. :)

Please post walls for dual screen systems. I use 3840x1080 but I can resize others.



Hi Tim, I don't post desktop wallpapers for any given size, instead I do my best to find wallpapers that have a lot of resolutions, including dual monitor, Android, iPhone, etc. There are some good dual monitor websites out there (mandolux comes to mind), and some sites with good dual monitor sections. The Windows Personalization site has jumped on the bandwagon with some panoramic (dual monitor) wallpapers. I have dual monitors myself and am usually on the lookout for good wallpapers. :)