Total Uninstall


Total Uninstall

A free app to monitor installation, and remove files and registry entries


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Pros & Cons:

Monitors before and after installation to remove files and registry entries.
Slower than ZSoft Uninstaller.

Our Review:

Total Uninstall has turned into a commercial product but the last free version is still available from the download site given above. It is quite capable but a little slow compared to ZSoft Uninstaller.

It monitors files and registry entries before and after you install an application. The before-and-after approach is not foolproof as other files may change in your system during the install which are unrelated to the installation. If you then uninstall, these changes will also be reversed with possible harmful consequences. It's not likely but possible.

Use this kind of uninstaller only when the uninstaller provided with the program fails. There's no point risking problems when you don't have to.

Total Uninstall was reviewed by on based on version 2.35.