Total Commander


Total Commander

The Android version of the desktop file manager with the whole slew of features supported natively.


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Its fast and has nice support for multiple scenarios.
The interface could be a little cleaner.

Our Review:

Total Commander, upon opening, has a nice simplistic layout that allows you to navigate easily. The categories allow seamless movement throughout the app without screaming simple. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out the whole slew of features this app supports natively. From common functions such as paste and delete (which are located on the bottom toolbar, paste being the button with two documents, and one blue arrow and delete is a document with a red x over it), to more advanced setting such as bookmarks, file packaging, and the ability to add buttons to the toolbar on the bottom so it best suits your needs. The user interface could be a bit cleaner at times but it's certainly not a breaking factor in this case.

The thing that really ‘blew my mind’ about this app was not only does it support local device support, but it also supports network file managing/browsing. It does this through a nice collection of plug-ins through the Google Play marketplace which can be found in an app on the main screen by clicking on Add plug-ins. Right now it supports FTP, SMB connections, and the ability to connect to WebDAV servers.

The mechanics of this app flowed flawlessly as well. I had no problem using this app from renaming files to copying huge files from one storage device to another. Another plus is that if you’re lucky enough to have a rooted device then Total Commander supports it and gives you a couple of extra features such as being able to browse and manage system directories.

Total Commander was reviewed by on based on version 2.01.