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There are 2 types of software that allow you to draw, paint and sketch on a computer.  Bitmap-oriented programs work at the pixel level and offer a very fine degree of control, with effects such as spray cans.  It's the computer equivalent of painting, as opposed to drawing.  Unless you are prepared to become embroiled in the concept of layers, then your entire image is one object, and you can only edit it by manipulating pixels.  

On the other hand, vector-based graphics packages are the technological equivalent of drawing rather than painting.  Each line, curve, arc, box, character and so on is a separate object that can be moved around the screen at will, resized, copied and pasted, and so on.  

The 2 leading products in the vector graphics market for Windows are probably Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.  Both of which are difficult to learn, very large, and very costly.  Which is why it was so fascinating to discover a system called youidraw which is a full-featured vector drawing package that runs online in your browser and is free to use.

To use it, head to www.youidraw.com in your browser and start from a blank page, or choose from hundreds of ready-made designs that you can tweak as you want.  There are designs for logos, t-shirts, giftwrap, buttons, infographics, sales labels and loads more.  When your're finished you can save your work to your Google Drive (you can also export straight to your PC, but with a free account your finished items will include a watermark).

This is a stunning system that's really simple and fun to use.  My thanks to the always-excellent Panzer for finding it.



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Without saving / exporting to any vector format I don't find it useful. Free version limitation: Free account can export image (PNG, JPEG) with watermark only. It looks like good way to sell access to wast amount of eye-catching templates.

+1 for Inkscape

And what's wrong with the totally free for Windows, Linux, and MacOS vector drawing s/w Inkscape? On their site http://inkscape.org/ is published a portable version near the installer - it's a matter of taste to install or not to install.

Yes, Inkscape is worth looking at. It is the Best Free Vector Graphics Editor at this site. Just don't give Rob a hard time for not mentioning it. After all this is a "hot find" article rather than a roundup of alternatives. In fact, there are so few good alternatives to paid vector-graphic products that they we're always excited to see a new one. A bigger issue is that most users never bother to move beyond their favorite bitmap/photo image editor, of which there at least five times as many alternatives.